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Audiology Center

At our audiology center, we take the time to carefully assess every patient's needs and find a solution that fits his or her lifestyle. Family ENT has a nationally certified Doctor of Audiology on staff to carefully diagnose and treat people of all ages. At our center we offer:

  • Audiology Evaluations
    • Audiometry - Including speech and pure tone testing
    • Tympanometry - To assist in the diagnosis of ear infections or the presence of middle ear fluid and other middle ear anolomies
  • Fitting and dispensing of hearing aids/instruments
    • Assess the patient's needs and preferences. We offer the lastest in digital hearing aid technology and accesories.
  • Modification and repair of hearing aids/instruments
    • We fit and fix hearing devices in our office to ensure comfort and satisfaction.
    • Free 30-day trial period on all hearing aids/instruments
  • Custom ear plugs for children and adults, including ear plugs for musicians and swimmers.

If you suspect you or someone in your family may need a hearing evaluation, please contact our office at (402)572-3165 for an appointment.

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The Latest (Allergy Season)

The winter allergy season is upon us, bringing with it the pollen, grass and mold that causes our sniffling, sneezing and itchy eyes. While there are many treatments available to treat allergy symptoms, the most effective approach is to identify your specific allergens and prevent symptoms before they occur. At Family ENT, we provide comprehensive Allergy Screening and Treatments to help you through the season.